Sean rawkz!!! #thiscentury

Oh snap! It’s a Joel pillow! #thiscentury

Joely! (Regram from @aschox23)

Awesome live footage video from the most recent tour. Nice work Chris McCoy!

Jakey’s back… #thiscentury #jakey

Thank you Happy for this exquisite and accurate portrayal of us in front of a horse 😄 #thiscentury

Rad photo from our last show of the tour taken by our very own merch slinger @adamton !#thiscentury

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Excited to be home for a bit after an amazing tour. Already working on more cool stuff for you guys! #thiscentury

That’s a wrap on The Art Of Tour! Thanks for such a good time tonight Pensacola! #thiscentury

One more show left on The Art Of Tour! Thx to all who came out to a show and made it such an amazing experience! #thiscentury

Lots of singz! (Photo by @masterppv) #thiscentury

Magazine spread of the 8123 show we did in the Philippines! #thiscentury

We’re having such an amazing time with you guys on The Art Of Tour! Can’t wait to see the rest of you at the remaining dates! #thiscentury

Edward Shinyhands aka Ryan Gose. #thiscentury #slickhands #howyouplaydrumstho